My creative space

Some of you know that my husband finished a beautiful room for me downstairs. It was a great space for my computer, arts and crafts, and stream set up. He built the L-shape desk with cube storage, so I had plenty of workspace. I loved it!

Since I haven’t been streaming or playing any video games, I decided to give it to my son in December. I’m now in the larger unfinished room. Hopefully, we will be able to get this room finished soon.

My set up isn’t pretty, but it’s functional.  I have 2 banquet tables set up in an L-shape for my computer, 2 monitors, the Cameo 4, and a tiny workspace. I was spoiled having the deeper desk. I miss it already!  Most of my yarn is still in the grid cubes in my old room. Some of it is upstairs in the third bedroom. If I’m honest, I have yarn in just about every room in the house!

Since we bought a new dining table, I have our huge oak one in the unfinished room. It is perfect for working with fabric, and larger projects. The walls are not finished at all.  I’m looking at pink insulation and 2×4’s Once this space is finished though, it will be amazing!

I do plan to stream again, but it will probably be back to one camera over my table like when I started.  I’m perfectly alright with that so I can focus on what I’m making, talking with people in chat, and not worrying about being on camera. Don’t worry, it will be temporary.  However, I’m not going to stress myself out being in front of a camera when I get back to going live.  I want to enjoy it again and I look forward to it!

I hope you all have your own space that inspires you!

See you soon~
Love, Sota

1. Do you have a creative space in your home?
2. What kinds of art/crafts do you like to make?

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