Goodbye 2020 – Part 2

During the hot summer months, Jaina, Bella and I would go outside in the early mornings together.  I would water our plants while they ran through the yard and played in the water. Bella was very curious about the soft buzzing coming from the giant pumpkin flowers. While the busy little honeybees bounced from flower to flower, Bella decided it was a good idea to stick her nose into one of the blooms.  The little bee was not too happy about it and hastily rushed away. Thank goodness Bella’s nose did not get stung! We would sit outside and enjoy the mornings before the heat would settle in. 

By now it was early July.  I was planning on getting back into streaming even if it was only a couple days a week.  That is when it happened…. I severely sprained my right hand.  While folding a king size sheet, my pinky and ring fingers got caught on the trim around our laundry room door. The pain was awful! I thought something had to be broken.  I had torn ligaments in my fingers and hand. Any movement was difficult. With a minimum 8-week recovery time, streams were put on hold, again.  It took almost 3 months before I could crochet again and now autumn was right around the corner. 

In August, 2020 struck again. My mom was diagnosed with kidney failure. After years of uncontrolled high blood pressure, strokes, and many other serious health problems, her kidneys couldn’t keep up any longer.  She is now on dialysis and in need of a kidney transplant. It is a repeat of my dad. He made it about a year on dialysis.  He was never put on the transplant list because of his other health problems.  It can take years to get a kidney. All I can do is pray that one becomes available and her body can handle a major surgery.  All the thoughts, prayers and messages from so many of you mean the world to us. Thank you.

On a brighter note, autumn in Minnesota is wonderful.  The crisp, cool air ushers in fall colors.  Bright red, orange, yellow and gold is everywhere.  Autumn is hard for me to put into words. It is warm and cool at the same time.  The wind changes as leaves drift to the ground.  Birds and geese start their journey south.  It’s like nature is showing off one more time before the cold of winter settles in.

October 12th I decided to put streaming on hold until further notice.  It wasn’t an easy decision. I felt like I was letting a lot of people down.  However, I feel that God has been putting other things on my heart all year, and it was time to listen. It was time to take a huge step back and re-evaluate how I was spending my time and what I was putting my energy into.

We sailed through October and suddenly we were at the end of the month. We didn’t hand out any Halloween candy due to COVID. It felt a little weird compared to last year when we decorated our garage and handed out the full-size candy bars.  We didn’t put up any Halloween decorations at all.




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We spent Thanksgiving at home with the three of us and our pups.  I missed seeing family, but to be honest, I’m very happy staying at home.  Spending time with family during the holidays is nice, but it wears me out.  It takes days for me to recover from being around a lot of people.  I was able to work on some commissions which felt surprisingly good.  I was getting excited to prepare for Christmas.  We finally bought some new furniture for our home. We haven’t purchased new furniture in about 20 years!

My husband was the brave soul to go check out furniture during the Veteran Day sales. He found a really great deal on a couch, loveseat and recliner package for our family room downstairs. We decided to get the same couch for the upstairs living room too! Sure it might seem a little odd, but it was such a good deal. He also surprised me with a new dining room table! We finally had a table that matched our chairs. I know that might not seem like a huge deal, but our table was light oak that we bought 18 years ago, our chairs are dark walnut. Besides the table being a bit beat up, it looked weird!

I’ll be wrapping up the year in Goodbye 2020 – Part 3!

Stay safe, friends!
Love, Sota

1. What do you like about autumn?
2. What is your favorite fall flavor?
3. Did you get anything new for your home in 2020?

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