All About The Wool Mittens

The first month of the year has ended and I hope it went well for you♥  

Overall, January was a good month for us.  Jaina and Bella enjoyed some fresh snow, we packed up our Christmas decorations, (I still have the itty-bitty tree up with only clear lights on it. Don’t judge me!) and thankfully when our furnace stopped working, my husband was able to fix it the same day. You don’t mess around with winter in Minnesota!

I closed my LED custom orders the last week of January so I would have time to restock and clean my machine. I think that is something I will do every month, not only to keep things stocked and clean, but to give myself a break too. I’ve had so much fun making them.  I love seeing how the different logos turn out etched into the acrylic.  I always pop them into a base to check how the light flows through them.  It’s pretty neat seeing the finished product and sending them off to their new home!

Even though we didn’t have anything super exciting going on in January, Inauguration Day brought us something glorious…


I did enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of the inauguration.  However, those wooly mittens made the world a happier place.  When a pair of mittens become that popular, you know just about every fiber artist is going to make something based on them.  Some amazing pattern writers were quick to get Bernie inspired mittens, dolls, hats, cup cozies, scarves, and anything else you can think of with brown, ivory and light brown yarn out on the internet.  

I decided to jump on the Bernie train and picked up the Bernie Mittens Doll pattern by TobeyTimeCrochet on Etsy. It’s the cutest little Bernie ever! I finished the first one and immediately my husband asked if he could take it to work.  I posted pics on social media and Discord and it wasn’t long before messages came in about orders.  I decided to open my crochet commissions and take some Bernie orders.  The first batch went out yesterday.

I am still accepting a limited number of orders for them.  They are fun to make, but there are a lot of pieces to them! Look at how cute they are!

My custom LED light orders opened again on February 1st and will stay open until February 20th.
I’ve already had a handful of orders go out in the first week of this month! You can check out my LED Gallery for some of the custom lights I’ve made. I can’t thank you all enough for the LED orders, and crochet orders.  It has been such a blessing and huge help in paying for Bella’s ICU/vet bill.  We are slowly chipping away at it.  Between donations, orders and sales, we’ve been able to put $1400 towards the bill now.  I plan to keep taking commissions to make the payments on the credit cards for her care.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We love all of you!

I have another little update for all of you-
I plan to return to Twitch this March! 
Before we get all crazy about days and times, I will be starting back into it slowly.  I’ve been getting to a better place with my anxiety. I’ll try it out and see how it goes not only for me, but with Bella and Jaina too.  For updates be sure to follow me on Twitter and to get notified when I go live, hop on over to my Twitch channel and follow. Thanks so much!

  1. How did your January go?
  2. Did you make anything Bernie related?

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