Birthday Weekend Recap

So many colors!

Hello, friends!
I hope you all are having an amazing month so far.  In typical Minnesota fashion, we have been enjoying our moody weather of warm, cold, rain, snow, rinse and repeat.  Today the southern part of the state is getting hit with a bunch of wet, sloppy snow.  In the Twin Cities and a bit north where we are, we might see a few inches.  We never really know what March is going to throw at us, but a few things are for sure… Girl Scout Cookies, tournaments, and my birthday.

I did survive my birthday!  It was a very chill evening with my husband and son, which was perfect.  My wonderful hubby picked up dinner for us from Baker’s Square.  I didn’t have to cook and I really like their chicken cobb salad.  It was yummy!  My son even sat at the table with us for dinner.  It was so nice to have dinner together.  After dinner I opened my cards and gift.  I always have a hard time thinking of something I want for birthday or Christmas gifts. With making payments on Bella’s ICU bill, I really didn’t want anything.  I hate spending extra money!  However, my son and hubby insisted, so I asked for a basic oil paint set. They gave me one with lots of colors and an easel.  I can’t wait to paint again.  I haven’t touched oils since I was in high school. 

At least it looked pretty.

I was excited for my birthday cake.  A Princess Torte.  I haven’t had one since we moved.  Usually, we would get one from Grandma’s Bakery in White Bear Lake. They are AMAZING.  Thin layers of cake, raspberry jam, vanilla custard and pastry cream covered in a light green marzipan with a pink rose.  Since moving, Grandma’s Bakery is not close to us, so we ordered one from another bakery closer to my husband’s work.  The picture looked like the one we used to get from Grandma’s.  The description sounded the same too.  It is a fairly traditional cake so I thought it would be very similar.  Unfortunately, that was not the case. Cutting into the cake it flattened right out. We found one thin layer of cake on the bottom, one thin layer of raspberry jam, and the rest was pastry cream.  It was over half of the so-called cake.  It was topped off with another super thin layer of cake before the marzipan. No custard, jam or layer of cake in the middle.  It was so overly sweet it made me feel sick to my stomach.  It was $40 of whipped cream and marzipan… big yikes! We didn’t even finish the leftovers.  I threw it out.  Next time my husband said he’ll make the long drive and get a good one.  It was so thoughful that he wanted to get me my favorite cake and I appreciate that so much.  

The three of us watched the Monster Hunter movie and then my son and I watched the WarCraft movie. 
I’ve heard mixed reviews about Monster Hunter.  We all really enjoyed it.  I am a fan of Milla Jovovich, so I knew I was going to like it.  My son and I started talking about movies based on video games and we thought it would be fun to watch WarCraft again since I’ve played World of Warcraft now.  When we watched it years ago, I had no idea who was who   My son educated me through the entire movie about what they did wrong with the lore.  It was great! 
But now I have to ask…. WHY WARCRAFT MOVIE, WHYYY??!!

Saturday and Sunday were easy-going days filled with some relaxing and cleaning.  This winter we have had what seemed like an abnormal amount of dust everywhere. We couldn’t figure out for the longest time where it was all coming from.  Well, we finally figured it out.  Our new vacuum was spitting out more dust than our cheaper, older one!  We switched back to our older Eureka last week and it seems to be making a difference.  I purchased new filters that my husband put in, and a new hose is on the way.  I vacuum almost daily to keep the dog hair under control, so the dust the other one was spitting out was making us miserable… with how often I had to dust and our allergies. 

Since everything is now covered with a layer of fine white dust, everything must be wiped down.  What fun! This is going to be some serious spring cleaning this year.  I did a bunch upstairs in our living room and kitchen.  Thanks to my Norwex cloths, it was quick and easy to wipe stuff down.  If you’ve never tried the Norwex cloths, I can’t recommend them enough!  No chemicals, just water and clean.  My husband tackled the downstairs family room and bathroom.  My son did some major vacuuming in our entry along with the stairs.  We all made a good dent!  We shall tackle some more next weekend!  

Thank you to all of you that sent me birthday wishes.  It made my birthday even better! 
My next post we will return to routines and I can’t wait!

See you then!

Let me know!
1. What is your favorite kind of cake?
2. What is your least favorite household chore?

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