April Showers…I Mean Snow, Bring May Flowers?


Hello again, everyone!
Yep, you read that correctly.  It’s April, and it’s snowing. Thank you, Minnesota for keeping us on our toes!

Thankfully, it’s not a blizzard.  But it was a little surprising to look out my window this afternoon to see giant, fluffy snowflakes flying around. Don’t plant in April. This is the way.

This week is a shorter post, but we’re talking about spring and gardens! YAY! I am happy to see my daylilies and peonies are starting to make an appearance. It’s the first sign of spring in our yard. Last year we split our daylilies to finish filling our front garden.  I can’t wait to see it this year. I’m also keeping an eye out for our deep red gladiolas and to see if our hydrangea comes back this year.

Soon, it will be time to plant the garden in the backyard. We’re going to be doing a little overhaul on it this year. Last summer we had to fence off our raspberry bushes because a certain little pup *cough, Bella* liked to chew on the branches. Those will be relocated over near the garden so we can fence off that section of the yard completely.

The plan for the garden will be sunflowers, beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, green peppers, and cucumbers again. This year I want to add some planters for lettuce. I have basil already growing in the kitchen window. I still need to pick up a parsley plant to get started too. I’m hoping and praying we don’t get freezing rain and snow in May like last year. It wiped out almost our entire garden. We bought more plants to replace most of it.  Since it was such a late start, harvest was late, and we lost a lot of our tomatoes.

I already have the garden planned out. We still have some extra black dirt left over from last year that we need to use up so the garden will be expanded a bit this year. We saved up our gallon milk jugs to make little personal greenhouses for when we plant. I totally forgot to do that last year and we paid for it!  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, it’s super simple!  You can find a lot of pictures on Pinterest of milk jug plant protectors here.  Basically, you cut the bottom off a plastic milk jug.  You can then place it over your plant and push it into the dirt a bit.  It creates a happy little warm greenhouse for your new plants.

I am no expert by any means.  My dad grew up on a farm, so I know the basics, especially when it comes to corn. You must rotate where you grow it. That is vital to good corn. He would also tell me that you have to be sure to plant on time because corn has to be, “knee high by the 4th of July.” He would have been proud last year. Our corn was indeed knee high by the 4th of July!

We’ll be adding some nutrients back into our soil along with some compost manure. Yea, I’ll save that one for my hubby. Bring it on summer!

Here is how we’re rotating our garden.

I know during 2020, many people jumped into gardening and growing their own food. I’ve always enjoyed it. Growing up, my parents had all sorts of flowers and veggies growing. It was beautiful and everything smelled so good!  I’m hoping to add some planters of flowers this year as well. I can’t wait!

Until next week-
Be kind & chose joy!

1. Do you have a garden?

2. What are your favorite kinds of plants to grow?

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