Brownies And Birthdays

I know when it comes to birthdays, most of us think CAKE!

This past weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday. He can no longer make his sassy comments about me being about a month older! Ha!

With Covid-19 limitations, we celebrated at home again. My mother-in-law came up for the day to celebrate with us. I know my husband really appreciated it. It was so nice to visit with her. She is amazing!

My husband and son went to the butcher shop on Saturday to pick up steaks to grill.
We also had baked potatoes cooked in the air fryer, corn on the cob, and fresh mushrooms cooked with butter and garlic. SO GOOD!

For the last several years, my husband has requested his favorite brownie dessert for his birthday. It is made up of layers of brownies, chocolate pudding, fresh raspberries and Cool Whip. Not only is it delicious, but also quite easy to make. I guess this is the first “official” recipe post on my blog!

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This dessert is layered in a trifle bowl. You can get one on Amazon here.

What you need:
1 – Large container Cool Whip
2 to 3 pints fresh raspberries (I go with 3)
1 – Family size instant chocolate pudding. (5.85oz)
1 – Box of your favorite brownie mix

Wash the raspberries and let them sit out to dry while you do the following:

Bake your brownies according to the directions on your box for a
9” x 13” pan. Let cool completely. Cut into 1-inch squares.

Make your chocolate pudding according to your box directions.  Let thicken.


Place cut brownie squares in the bottom of the bowl.

Add a layer of chocolate pudding. 
Carefully spread the pudding around to touch the side of the bowl.

Add a layer of raspberries.
I place the raspberries around the outer edge first, then fill in the middle.

Add a layer of Cool Whip.
Carefully spread it to touch the side of the bowl all the way around.


If you have extra brownie squares or raspberries, you can decorate the top.
Chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours before serving. 


It’s beautiful in the bowl, but when you scoop it out to serve, it doesn’t stay pretty.  It’s so yummy you won’t even mind. I think it goes great with fresh cup of coffee. Then again, I think coffee is good all of the time! I hope you all have a wonderful day, thank you so much for stopping by!

Be kind & choose joy!

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