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Rebel Duo

"I love you" - "I know"
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Brand: Simply Sota Handmade

A princess and her rebel hero, smuggler, scoundrel!
They stand about 7 inches tall. Some details are needle felted. Makes a great gift for yourself or any fan!

Handmade in soft acrylic yarn.
Contains small plastic eyes. Not for young children.


Bella’s Story
In May of 2020, we adopted a sweet little pup that we named Bella. She is a 50% Great Pyrenees/Lab/German Shep mix with all Great Pyr attitude! ♥

Sadly, she became very sick in December 2020, and we almost lost her to kidney failure. We couldn’t give up on her, so we continued with her care at the 24hr ER Vet. She spent a few days in ICU, so may trips to our regular vet, then another day at the ER vet for more tests. We are so happy to say that she pulled through and has recovered! The vet costs went well over $9000 and we are slowly paying it down on our credit card. We can’t tell you how much your support means to us!
Thank you,
♥ The Sota Family & our rescue pups, Jaina & Bella

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